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Camp Jewell YMCA is a year-round operation. Employment is divided into two categories: summer camp, and outdoor center (fall, winter, spring).

If you have not worked at Camp Jewell before, please complete our staff application . If you are a returning staff member, please complete our returning staff application .

Why choose Camp Jewell?

•  Get experience at a high quality, nationally known and respected summer camp
•  We have a strong focus on character development.
•  Competitive salaries, including room and board
•  Year-round work opportunities
•  High staff to camper ratio
•  High quality staff training
•  Internship and college credit options
•  Generous time off policy, including one 24-hour period off per session, an additional night off per week, and at least an hour
   off each day
•  Free Internet access
•  Modern staff lounge with TV, DVD, Internet, library, couches, and snacks
•  Access to transportation out of camp on days and nights off (when available)
•  Nightly staff snacks
•  On site laundry service (that washes your clothes for you!)
•  Quality vegetarian options
•  Discounts in the camp store
•  Free use of Camp Jewell supplies, such as canoes, kayaks, tents, etc.
•  Access to an indoor climbing facility

• Fitness Room with Treadmills, elipticals and weight lifting equipment

Types of Positions

Cabin Counselors
Cabin counselors live with a fellow staff member and 8-9 campers of similar age. Counselors act as role models, teachers, best friends, parents, nature guides, entertainers, and inspirations to their campers. The position requires maturity, creativity, and a strong commitment to the YMCA mission. Counselors have the freedom to initiate activities for their specific groups each afternoon. All counselors must have graduated from the Camp Jewell CIT program or have completed their first year of college.  Interested staff should contact Craig Dawson, Camp Director, at (888)-412-2267 or craig.dawson@ghymca.org

Program Counselors

Program counselors live in camper cabins and perform several of the same tasks as cabin counselors, but their primary responsibility is to lead and organize a program clinic area.
Solid skills and teaching expertise is required to be a program counselor. Certifications in some clinics are required such as: lifeguards, boating, archery, etc.  Interested staff should contact Craig Dawson, Camp Director, at (888)-412-2267 or craig.dawson@ghymca.org

Adventure Trip Staff

Leaders in the adventure trips program are responsible for overseeing 1-week long backpacking hikes, bike tours, rock climbing programs, sea kayaking, whitewater trips and sailing experiences throughout the United States and Canada. The leaders must have excellent organizational skills, strong leadership abilities, and technical expertise. Trips are coed groups of 10-12 campers, ages 13-16, each staffed by male and female co-leaders. Leaders must be a minimum of 21 years old and will be required to pass life guarding, wilderness first aid and professional CPR courses included in camp’s staff training. Interested staff should  contact Jess Bryan, Asst Camp Director, at 1-888-412-2267 or jess.bryan@ghymca.org

Ranch Staff
Leaders in the ranch program are responsible for 8-9 campers in their cabin, ages 7-15. The staff’s most essential responsibilities include maintaining the physical and emotional safety of campers, developing positive lasting relationships with youth, and providing quality safe educational opportunities for kids to bond and relate with their animals. Ranch Counselors teach and/or assist group lessons on a daily basis with 7-8 riders of like ability. A riding instructor can log as many as 180 instructional hours of teaching in a summer; with additional time spent feeding, grooming, tacking, and providing equine first aid. The Ranch Staff’s responsibilities include non-horse related activities as well. Waterfront, high ropes, sports, campfires, and nature exploration are just some examples of the activities staff facilitate for campers.  Interested staff should contact  
Jodi Gove, Ranch Director, at jodi.gove@ghymca.org.

Village Coordinators

Camp Jewell is organized into villages by age group. Each village consists of cabins totaling 30 to 60 campers and 8 to 12 staff. Village coordinators supervise staff, organize many of the activities for the village, and provide much of the daily leadership in camp. Coordinators are also sought for major program areas such as waterfront, riding, arts and crafts, sports, nature, and ropes courses. These members of the camp's administration team are usually college graduates and are housed in cabins within their assigned villages.  Previous resident camp experience is required.  Interested staff should contact Craig Dawson, Camp Director, at (888)-412-2267 or craig.dawson@ghymca.org.

Support Staff

There are several opportunities for staff members to work in either the trading post, office, maintenance department or the kitchen. Generally, interested staff need to have a minimum amount of experience in their area of interest. Please contact Craig Dawson, Camp Director, at craig.dawson@ghymca.org for more details.

Health Center Staff
Each summer camp employs at least three Registered Nurses to operate our 14 bed heath center. Primary responsibilities include medication distribution, emergency services and preserving the overall health of Camp Jewell. Nurses enjoy a private living area attached to the health center that includes a kitchen, dining room, bathroom, and washer and dryer. For more information please Craig Dawson, Camp Director, at craig.dawson@ghymca.org  for more details.

Other Important Information

Salary is based upon position, experience, years at camp, certifications, and other factors.
Rangers (Jr Counselors) $100 a week
Cabin Counselors $200 to $250 a week
Trip Leaders $250 to $300 a week
Ranch Staff $250 to $300 a week
Coordinators $300 to $350 a week

All staff are required to attend a comprehensive staff training before summer starts. Staff receive training in behavior management, supervision, program organization, child abuse prevention, first aid and CPR.

All staff are required to wear a uniform that includes a staff shirt (provided), khaki pants or shorts, belt and shoes that have a back strap (no flip flops are permitted). 

Summer Training Schedule 2014

•  June 1-21     Ranch Staff Training
•  June 1-6       Lifeguard Certification Training
•  June 7          Boating Certification Training
•  June 7-8     Wilderness First Aid Training
•  June 7-15   Coordinator Staff Training
•  June 11-15   Seniors/Trips Staff Training
•  June 12-15  LIT & CIT Staff Training
•  June 09-10 Archery Training A 
•  June 11-143  Archery Training B
•  June 17       Community CPR
•  June 17        Community First Aid
•  June 14-21   General Staff Training
•  June 22        Camp Begins!
•  August 17   Last day of summer contract 

United States Staff Applicants
To apply, please complete the on-line registration form or download an application and mail to: Camp Jewell, 6 Prock Hill Road, Colebrook, CT 06021. For additional information, please contact Craig Dawson, Camp Director, at 1-888-412-2267 or craig.dawson@ghymca.org.

International Staff Applicants
International staff must first submit an application and obtain a working visa through a qualifying sponsorship organization such as the Camp Leaders, Camp Counselors USA (CCUSA), or Camp America. Only returning staff may apply directly through Camp Jewell.

Websites for International Staff Sponsorship Organizations:
CCUSA: www.ccusa.org
Camp America: www.campamerica.co.uk
Camp Leaders: www.campleaders.com

For additional information or assistance from Camp Jewell YMCA, please contact Jodi Gove, International Staff Coordinator, at jodi.gove@ghymca.org.

Year-Round Employment
Camp Jewell hosts over 20,000 visitors each year who enjoy our beautiful 540 acres, friendly staff, and innovative programming through our Outdoor Center programs. The three primary program areas are; teambuilding, outdoor education, and conference/retreat. Outdoor center staff are trained to work interchangeably within all three programs. Cleaning cabins and facilities is expected in all program areas.

Teambuilding Program
Staff who work in teambuilding typically host a group of 8-12 participants on the high and low ropes course. Group type and ages vary widely, although most groups are from schools and universities. Teambuilding is especially busy during both mid-week and weekends in September, October, March, April, and May.

Outdoor Education
Staff in our outdoor education are trained to work with elementary and middle school students in a variety of science based activities. Although a few outdoor education groups come in the fall, the majority visit in the spring.

Conference and Retreat
The conference and retreat program is the largest and most diverse of the outdoor center programs and has the longest season. Staff can expect to host and lead activities in various summer and winter type sports, arts & crafts, and indoor activities. The conference and retreat program is busiest on weekends in the winter and early spring.

There is no typical day or week at Camp Jewell. Staff working hours revolve around the needs of each individual group. Staff average between 30 and 40 hours per week.

Staff receive training and are expected to instruct the following:

•  Rock climbing (climbing wall, etc.)
•  Teambuilding games and initiatives
•  Low ropes
•  High ropes
•  Water ecology programs
•  Animal education programs
•  Wilderness skills
•  Underground Railroad Program Activities
•  Meal hosting
•  Cabin and facility cleaning
•  Sports/BB guns
•  Arts/Crafts
•  Leathercraft
•  Cross country skiing
•  Ice-skating
•  Ice-fishing
•  Snow Tubing
•  Horseback riding
•  Horse and animal care
•  Kayaking/canoeing/sailing/swimming
•  Campfire & storytelling
•  Song leading
•  Archery
•  Hiking
•  Candle making
•  Woodworking
•  Outdoor Cooking
•  Large group games

Outdoor Center staff enjoy many benefits, including free room, board, and utilities, as well as meals and access to camp activities and supplies. Staff are housed in comfortable dorm-like quarters with cable in each room, and share a room with a fellow staff member. All staff share a common living room, equipped with cable television, telephone, and wireless internet access. Staff also have access to a community kitchen and on-site washers and dryers. The most important benefit, however, is the close friendships amongst staff that develop throughout the season.

Camp Jewell enjoys close proximity to several areas for fun and recreation. Camp is located in the foothills of the Berkshires with access to mountain biking, white water rafting, skiing, and hiking. Boston, New York City, and Providence are all within easy driving distance of camp:

•  Great Barrington, MA 30 minute drive
•  New York City, NY 1.5 hour drive
•  Boston, MA 2.5 hour drive

To apply complete our staff application. For additional information, please contact For more information, please contact If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us at 888-412-2267 or contact Craig Dawson, Camp Director at craig.dawson@ghymca.org.